Monday - 7.2.

Monday - 7.2.

7.45 am: meeting in school Nova Paka, in the students club.
The students have a lot of stories about their first night in the hostfamilies, for a lot of them it was a big adventure! 


8.05 am: start of the first lesson
The students have to discover the school of Nova Paka in mixed groups, after that they have to write a fictional story. The story is based on something they saw in the building.
They write in Czech, Dutch and English.

They are working hard!

In the afternoon we went to Mlada Boleslav to visit the Sköda factory, it was very intresting experience! We were not allowed to take pictures in the assembly hall. But we can say that there are 20 000 workers and that they make 2500 cars a day.


After this we went to the swimmingpool in Jicin. 



Check what happened on Monday:)

fotky Praha, pondělí dopoledne




VTI Sint-Lucas
Oude Leielaan 15
8930 Menen

Gymnázium a SOŠPg
Kumburská 740
Nová Paka
Czech Rep.