Thursday - 10.2.

Thursday - 10.2.

Today, the last day in Czech.

In the music lesson we learned eachother a song, it was fun!  

After the music lesson it was time for the Czech students what to learn something about Belgium. On the basis of a quiz, students were able to learn a lot about Belgium. Under the approving eye of the director and geography teacher was this quiz a success!

After the break of 10 am. it was time for a well-guarded treasure of Nova Paka. Our tour went to a private area where a wooden church 300 years old was.  The church was Russian made, and in time moved to Nova Paka where it can still be admired.


The pupils were given the assignment to make a work of art, led by the teacher of fine arts.

In the afternoon the students were free, this time they spent with their host family.

Final evening activity:

Making T-Shirts:




VTI Sint-Lucas
Oude Leielaan 15
8930 Menen

Gymnázium a SOŠPg
Kumburská 740
Nová Paka
Czech Rep.